After her carriere debuts as a Womenswear designer in Paris luxury fashion houses, Lucille lays the first stones of her eponymous brand LUCILLE THIEVRE in 2019.

The project is born in Paris, among the music waves, smokes emanation of the art fondry and wood dust that constitute Les Ateliers du Wonder in Paris ; an work space for artists and creators.

From the match between this creation space and the designer blooms LUCILLE THIEVRE,
a fashion brand offering handmade garnments, made with care, time and respect.

Shapes and sensual fabrics talk with the body, cuddle and adorn it with impossible minerals, composing an intimate and precious piece around it.

Rewarded by a selection among finalists of Hyères fashion festival in 2019, LUCILLE THIEVRE growns her collections, offering made to order pieces.

In order to create soulfull garnments, LUCILLE THIEVRE  aims to create a commercial structure as creative and daring as her collections, questioning established process of producing garnments.





E-Shop :
Photographers Simon Diebold / Gabriel Lenoble
DA Josue Graesslin
MUA Flavie Terracol
Models Amandie Piango
Masha Silchenko
Assistant Louise Malnar
Special thanks to Alexandre Gireau

SS22 Show team :
Stylist Pau Avia / Second Name
Music Michel Gaubert
Hair Yann Turchi / Bryant artists
Makeup Auroregibrien / Bryantartists
Manicure Flavie_terrakhol
Set design Julien Cavallina
Movement Direction Sedrig Verwoert
Casting Ikki Casting
Models Ella Snyder / Sekhou Drame / Priscilla / Segolène / Ildjima / Zoé / Fatdwa / Venus Liuzzo / Harper Andria / Rico / Jade Loudni / Laure Bruno / Jasmine Barbarin / Maha / Margiana Bleuet / Zini Kajaia / Manon P / Meghanne / Marcia Fanni / Diane
Photographer Basile Mookherjee / The Art Board
Photographer Jhonathan Baena
Photo runaway Aurora Troise
DOP Swann El Mokkeddem / Christophe Ideal
Video Editor Elodie Rassel
Press/Production Amandine Piango / Ritalined
Creative Consulting & Production Josué Graesslin
Jewellery Maxime Leblanc
Glass buckles & Buttons Maxime Leblanc
Shoes collaboration Atelier Fauvel
Stage managers Alexia Caamano / Ludovic de Courson
Food performance Mathilde K_2000
Set design assistant Ethel Bessieres
Studio assistants Louise Malnar / Louis Malepiece
Styling assistants Michiel Heems / Tommaso Palamin
Special thanks to Les ateliers wonder / Atelier Aymeric le Deun / Atelier La Banane / Valentine Gardiennet / Vincent Esclade / Vincent Dbe / Martine Thievre Melissa Ngovinassack / Steffani / Margot / Luna / Marvin Mtoumo / Alexandre Fayolle / Dj_raven_thing/ Collectif.lps / Nelson Pernisco.

SS20 Team « les esplace 19120 »
Styling Berenger Pelc
Photographer Prisscillia Saada
MUA Flavie Terracol
Set design Nivine Chaikhoun
Models Amandine Piango / Laure Bruno / Jane King
Set manager Ludovic de Courson
Buttons Maxime Leblanc
Shoes collaboration Atelier Fauvel

SS19 Team
« 93170 Chicshow » in collaboration with Maxime Leblanc
Photography Gabriel Fabry
All clothes and shoes by Lucille Thievre
Jewellery by Maxime Leblanc
performance Aliette Salama
scenography Thelma Capello
Sound design Baptiste W.
Special thx to the performers :
Vincent Esclade
Maia Dubois
Malgorzata RBCZ
Aurdey Danet
Lea Fayard
Special thanks to Les ateliers du Wonder